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  • Audio 🎶🎵
  • Video 🎬📽
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Audio 🔊🎶

YouTube is one of the largest and famous video sharing platform.
Now you may wonder how to add video and audio in a website.
It’s super easy like adding images into a website.
Look at the below Example:
<audio controls loop muted>
<source src="..." type="audio/mp3" type="audio/ogg">
Audio has some attributes like👇

If you have a Facebook account you have to submit your first name, lastname,email address or phone, password, date of birth, country, gender and more to Facebook to record your information in its servers or databases.
Today you learn how to create those kinda textfields you’ve experienced on Facebook.
As I mentioned…

Sometimes you wanna create list with bullet but sometimes with number, this kinda of stuff are called list elements in HTML.
List elements are divided into two type:

1- Ordered list

2- Unordered list

Ordered list
Is a list which its list items are numbered at the beginning of the item.

Sometimes you want to add `a` element to your website but still don’t know where it will link.
This is also handy when you’re changing the behavior of a link using JavaScript, which we’ll learn later.
For example the current value of href attribute is ``.

Replace href value with…

We learned how to add heading elements, paragraph element, image and anchor element, today it’s time to learn how to nest them within themselves.

Like example below:
If you notice we encapsulated one element within other element, let’s break it down a little bit for better understanding 👇
For example if we…

You can use 'a’(anchor) element to link to content outside of your web page.
'a' elements need a web destination address called an href attribute. It also needs an anchor text to click on it.
For example:

<a href="">Unsplash</a>
The browser will display the anchor text which is 'Unsplash' when you…

HTML is a markup language that uses a special syntax or notation to describe the structure of a web page to the browser. HTML elements usually have opening and closing tags that surround and give meaning to content but some HTML elements don’t have closings tags like

<img src=’image path’/>


In HTML img element is used to display every types of images like:jpg, png, jpeg...
It can also display svg.
img element has many attributes but the most common ones are:loading, src, srcset, height, width and alt.
When we wanna to put image into website we have target the path or address of…


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