a (anchor) elements can also be used to create internal links to jump to different sections within a webpage.

You can use 'a’(anchor) element to link to content outside of your web page.
'a' elements need a web destination address called an href attribute. It also needs an anchor text to click on it.
For example:

HTML is a markup language that uses a special syntax or notation to describe the structure of a web page to the browser. HTML elements usually have opening and closing tags that surround and give meaning to content but some HTML elements don’t have closings tags like

<img src=’image path’/>

This is opening tag


This is closing tag


And self-closing tag is


HTML is the building block of a website like skeleton in our body and brick or stone in a house.
Someone says that HTML is a programming language but it’s a misconception.
The meaning of programming language is to add logic into your program…

In HTML img element is used to display every types of images like:jpg, png, jpeg...
It can also display svg.
img element has many attributes but the most common ones are:loading, src, srcset, height, width and alt.
When we wanna to put image into website we have target the path or address of that image we interested in it.
It’s implementation looks like below:

If you are a web developer or a web designer and want to promote your css knowledge, I personally recommend you to look at these following pictures. These are the pictures of the websites that inspire you to create maintainable and powerful websites and web apps for your clients and audiences.

In this article, I guide you on how to manipulate or alter the style of an HTML element via the style method inside JS.

In this article, I’ll teach you more HTML DOM element properties and attributes.

In this article, I teach you how to write HTML markup inside JS.


This method returns HTML element content like innerText and textContent if any HTML element is available inside that element text then innerHTML returns that element along with its content as a normal text.

HTML element and JS innerHTML

It seems like innerText but it’s not accurate. As I mentioned yesterday we can alter the content of an HTML element in JS via DOM methods.

In this article, I intended to teach you how to alter the HTML element innerText and text content.

If you write the above code and open your browser console by pressing ALT+SHIGT+I.

In this article, I’m going to teach the DOM methods.

Accessing HTML elements via class

If you want to access your HTML element and add changes to it the one approach is accessing by its class name.

HTML paragraph tag

we have p tag with para class name now I want to add changes to it or access it in my JS file.


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