How to become a self-taught developer in 2021

In this article, I guide you on the paths to how to reach your goal in a self-taught development career.

The main three languages that are required to reach your dream in self-taught development career path are:

HTML(HyperText Markup Language)

For example, if a person doesn’t have bone, can he/she walk, run… no he/she can’t because he/she doesn’t have any pillar or power to run or walk…

In web development, HTML is the core language that every web developer needs to comprehend.

The current version of HTML is HTML5.

CSS(Cascade StyleSheet)

This language is amazing and one of my favorite languages in the web development path.

This language has some preprocessors that reduce repeating code more and more in Programming term DRY which is Don’t Repeat Yourself.

CSS has many frameworks the most famous one is Bootstrap. This framework is developed by the Twitter team.

If you are familiar with CSS then you can learn Bootstrap which’s the official site of Bootstrap.

Nowadays TailwindCss has been grown and has many Customization features than Bootstrap.

Materialize, Bulma are the other CSS frameworks.


if you want to create a dynamic website or app and want to interact with your web or app then JS one of the main languages that play a crucial role in this field.

HTML,CSS,JS are frond-end languages.

JavaScript has many more Libraries like React, Angular, Vue, Ember.

JS can be used in the Back-end development field.

Where to Learn these Technologies


This resource teaches you everything you need to learn Frond-End Technologies and other techs.

The Odin Project(Free)


Clever Programmer(paid)

These are the best resources to learn web development.

If you have any question or suggestions let me know in the comment below.



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