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Sometimes you wanna create list with bullet but sometimes with number, this kinda of stuff are called list elements in HTML.
List elements are divided into two type:

1- Ordered list

2- Unordered list

Ordered list
Is a list which its list items are numbered at the beginning of the item.
For example you wanna list your school’s subjects as the total of your subjects be clear like below👇

1- Math

2- Physics

3- Geometry

4- Computer science

5- Probability

6- Chemistry

As you see the list items are numbered at the beginning of the item.
I hope you, am clear and explained it professionally hope you understand my point.

Unordered list
Is a list which its items are not numbered but they are started with bullets •, the number of items are not cleared and displayed.
Unordered list is like below👇

• Potato

• Apple

• Orange

• Melon

How to create these types of lists in HTML.
Don't be scared, it's super easy just look below👇
<!--Ordered list-->
<li>ordered list item 1</li>
<!--Unordered list-->
<li>unordered list item 1</li>
As you see `<ol>` means ordered list.
`<ul>` implies unordered list.
Inside ordered or unordered list we put list item which is `<li>`.
As much as item you can add into your list.
If you want to learn more about lists refer to
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