In this article, you’re going to learn Set and Map data structure in JS

ES6 included two data structures that help programmers get work done without reinventing the wheel. These two data structures are Set and Map.


In math set doesn’t accept repetitive numbers as well as in JS set is similar to an array but with one difference is that set doesn't allow repeated values if we add repeated item in a set then it automatically removes that item.

We create set by using Set constructor if you know classes or Constructor functions in JS you have to know what’s function constructor. when we create an instance of class or an instance object or and functional constructor we use new keyword the new keyword tells that create another instance of this object.

Set- The set object allows you to store unique values of any type

set has many methods that we can use for example we can item in a set by using set.add(item), deleting item from a set -> set.delete(item) or remove all items from a set by using set.clear().

we can add items in a set on its own place for example.

if I want to add pomegranate into my fruits set then I use add() method.

If you want to delete one of item in your fruits set you can remove it through the delete(item) method.

Some Useful Set Methods

Adding Items

Removing Item

we can delete individual item using delete() method if you want to delete whole items from a Set use clear() method this method clears all items from a Set object.

delete() removes individual item.

clear() method removes all items from a Set

Size of a Set

Searching for items

Returning the Items in a Set

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